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Job Title JP-2019-096 Ship Operations Manager

Swift Engineering  Baku office is looking for candidates for the below position


Ship Operations Manager


Vacancy information


The Ship Operations Manager (SOM) provides management and support to his/her allotted vessel and is the central point of contact onshore for all project and operational matters thus ensuring continuity and consistency in both the service and performance provided.
The role provides leadership and co-ordination to a team of onshore and offshore personnel that support both project and tender preparation by providing a continuity of knowledge regarding a vessels capability, performance, cost base and technical library.
The SOM works in close partnership with the Offshore Manager (OM) and Project Manager on all aspects that effect the project execution during the pre-mobilisation preparation, offshore performance and demobilisation/debrief, ensuring good teamwork, clear communications and coordination of all parties is maintained and that the onshore support services are organised and provided as required.
The SOM shall monitor the long term vessel plan/assist the project team and the Offshore Manager to ensure that the vessel is properly crewed and available in the operational condition required by clients. Where feasible the vessels capability will be further developed through the identification and recommendation of CAPEX projects and other investment opportunities.




  • Provides the single point of contact for the project regarding all activities and information relating to the ship, e.g. technical specifications, sub-contractor interface requirements etc.
  • Coordinates the activities of and provides leadership to the Integrated Ship Management Team.
  • Support project pre-mobilisation preparation and involvement by the Offshore Management / Field Engineers (re installation methodology & tooling, detailed task scheduling, beach trials, risk assessments, PEER reviews, procedure development, etc)
  • Support Vessel Mobilisation / Demobilisation activities (planning, coordination, handover)


  • Plans and provides necessary input in to the Operational Ship Schedule to ensure efficient utilisation and performance taking into account planned durations for M&R, dry docking, audits, etc.


  • Review and input into the ship's equipment CAPEX proposals, identifying growth CAPEX and preparing technical specifications and budgets.
  • Reports ship performance on a monthly basis


Health and Safety Responsibilities


  • Contributes to creating and managing a positive HSEQ culture
  • Ensures the efficient and cost- effective performance of the vessel, its equipment and personnel, providing safety leadership and championing critical safety behaviours.


  • Ensures that the vessels offshore management has developed and is implementing the HSEQ Action Plan for the asset.
  • Ensures that HSEQ performance, worksite HSEQ review, critical safety behaviours, safety observations, safety statistics and safety training are implemented, measured and reported on a regular basis and any trends identified and acted on


Qualifications and Experience


  • Extensive knowledge of vessels capability, installation equipment and operating limits.
  • Extensive Offshore Operational Experience
  • Knowledge of engineering and offshore construction operations.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of HSEQ.
  • Hold a relevant Marine qualification for example Chief Engineer




  • Highly developed leadership, managerial and organisational skills
  • Good stakeholder management skills.
  • Excellent communicator, with ability to interface with management and offshore personnel.
  • Creates a way of working that recognises the importance of engaging people to ensure the most effective way by working together.
  • Delivers performance through its people, using processes, practices and resources to ensure targets are delivered against plan, costs are managed within budget and all activities are optimised
  • Maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of resources by driving a continuous improvement philosophy, encouraging creativity and extending the capability of people to develop pragmatic and effective solutions for clients and internal customers