Case Study: Azerbaijan MSP


A major energy company needed a managed solution in Azerbaijan, and after months of due diligence, Airswift-Aztechno was selected as the only company with the demonstrated ability to successfully delivery this service.


The client faced challenges with compliance and utilizing out-of-country suppliers and expatriates within the country. The client needed a managed solution that could bring expertise within the following areas:

  • Local compliance
  • Country-specific laws
  • Difficulties surrounding in-country work permits
  • Local taxation
  • In-country registration


Airswift-Aztechno proposed an on-site managed solution to accommodate local hardships and challenges. This required an in-country registration and global mobility expertise that no other competitor could provide. Airswift-Aztechno is the only managed solutions provider able to operate compliantly in Azerbaijan.


Airswift-Aztechno hired about 600 personnel via a neutral supply chain with 100 percent compliance, resulting in extensive cost savings.


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