Arctic Circle Seismic Activity

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The Russian Federation is one of the largest geographic countries, spanning 17,135,200 sq km, with one-fifth of the landmass north of the Arctic Circle. Repsol Exploracion SA, a major Spanish E&P company, operates in the Arctic region of Russia through an affiliate, Eurotek-Yugra.


Repsol Exploracion was looking for reliable, educated seismic personnel. Seismic activity in the Arctic has always been a challenge due to the remoteness of the area, the subsequent harsh and dangerous working conditions, and the limited length of the seismic seasons (approximately four months).


Airswift-Aztechno successfully identified professionals to work three seismic seasons between 2012 and 2015 in Russia across several locations, including Khanty-Mansiyskiy and Yamal-Nentskiy autonomous regions and three general seismic locations. Airswift-Aztechno also arranged full mobilization, including travel arrangements, migration support, work permits and visas, registration, payroll, taxation, and special passes required for some expatriate workers along the border areas.


In total, Airswift-Aztechno employed roughly 20 personnel in the following roles: QA/QC supervisors, HSE supervisors, HSE coordinators, technical auditors, and survey auditors.